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Legal advice for luggage loss

Posted by on Jan 18, 2016

Luggage loss is one of the most common complaint case in airline passengers. Bad relation to the passenger luggage from the airport staff creates unpleasantness and frustrations for the passengers, and it can cost them money too, and take some time to be dedicated for problem solving, which could change the plans of the passenger, which leads to the unwanted displeasure. In this article you can find some legal advice for what to do in such cases.

Frustrated Businesswoman Sitting at Baggage Claim

Relying on Montreal Convention, airline companies are responsible for your luggage and they usually allows you to check out if there is some limitation in that responsibility. Remember that if you carry something valuable in your luggage, you should make sure to make specific statement of interest in luggage delivery from the airline company, or you should take the valuable thing in your hand luggage.

Claims are evaluated in two ways:

  • Damage or loss resulted by passenger, luggage or cargo being late
  • Ravage caused by obliteration, loosing or damaging the luggage

If you notice that your luggage is damaged after the receiving it on the luggage area, make sure you go to the airport luggage handle center, and fill the Property Irregularity Report ( PIR).

ipad-luggage-trackerIf your luggage does not arrive at all, than you should definitely go to the luggage handling center at the airport to make the PIR claim. Before you carry on to your activities, make sure you get the copy of the PIR and ask the handling agent for any contact to be sure that you will be informed about your lost luggage timely. Handling agent is capable to track your luggage through luggage tracking system, and he will inform you what happened to it.

Airline companies in most cases do not take any responsibility for your inconvenience, stress or any other effects that could be caused by luggage loss.

If it comes that your luggage is lost or damaged, you can ask for recompense from airline company or the provider for travel insurance. Airline companies can pay you out up to 1300$, so if you want to take that recompense, you should make the claim no more that 7 days from the official luggage loss.

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Immigration regulations in Europe

Posted by on Jan 17, 2016

eu-law-435423The largest part of international immigration, 64 million, is located in Europe. The increasing market development and opportunity for jobs within the European Union, currently the world’s largest economy, consisting of 27 countries with a population of over 490 million, is a magnet for immigrants, especially for those from less developed and poorer countries.

Already in the EU, there is a 42 million of people who are born outside the country in which they currently live and work legally.

The latest French law on ” immigration control “, which was adopted recently, includes, as a novelty, a statistical ” counting ” of skin color and ethnic origin, and even taking the DNA samples from candidates so that they can be checked!

Note: If you are a victim of hiring discrimination or an employee who is victim of discrimination or sexual harassment, contact an experienced san francisco Employment attorney.

The largest number of foreigners currently living in France is settled here on the “family reunification” regulation, this regulation provides them to join a family member who already lives in this country. The possibility of fraud is decreasing, and only the “right genes” will be a factor for the establishment in the country.

Swiss government approved in 2007, ” importation ” of 11,000 professionals. They are young and educated people, not only from the EU and EFTA countries, but also from countries which here are called ” third world countries “. Out of these 11,000 professionals – 4,000 of them will have an annual permit and 7,000 of them will have permit when necessary.


Whoever in Germany receive a university degree he can automatically stay there for 18 months, and a person who gets at that time well paid job can typically stay permanently. A person who holds a foreign university degree which will be recognized in Germany may obtain a work visa if he has found a job in Germany with an annual gross of salary at least 47.600 euros. In such cases, there is the so-called Blue Card. For these so called MINT professions (mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, technology, human medicine) there is a possibility that with the amount of the annual gross salary of 37,128-euro, applicant for visa gets a Blue Card MINT.  For further details continue reading here.

Learn more about Immigration via Blue Card

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Immigration law in United States

Posted by on Jan 17, 2016

US-Immigration-LawyerThis is a very complexed set of laws and it’s very hard for understating. Every year “The Immigration and Naturalization Act” (INA), “body of the law” that manages current immigration policy provides overall number of 670,000 permanent immigrants from around the world.

Family based immigration allows US citizens and permanent residents to bring some members of family to United States. And every year 480,000 of family visas are approved. Member of the family are admitted ether as an immediate relative of United States citizens or through the family preference system.

Employment based visa can be temporary and state decides if those immigrants have some skills that are valuable for US ground.

Us Visa

There are numerous types of temporary visas and state allows entrance on various condition and for various professions such as:

  • intracompany transfers,
  • for people who are proficient in sport,
  • entertainers and for those who have built name in that business,
  • for religious workers,
  • for diplomatic employees,
  • for workers that have some exceptional ability.

State also allows entrance to citizens of other countries who have lower qualifications.

Permanent immigration is divided into a five categories and the state issues every year more than a hundred of thousands of permanent visas. Those places are for experts in a field of art, education, business, science, outgoing teachers and scientist, workers who have some working experience, professional who have high education and for people who will bring money in US: from 500.000$ dollars up to a million and who will employ ten full time United States workers.

Foreign nationals who want to invest in America may qualify for an investor visa, known as an E-1 or E-2. An experienced las vegas e2 visa lawyer knows immigration policy inside and out and can be of invaluable assistance to clients interested in applying for an E-1/E-2 visa click here.

Learn more about E2 Investor Visa

Refugees are admitted in United States when they have no ability to go back to their countries because they are feared for their life because of political belief, religion, or they belong to some social group. They usually apply for the visa outside of United States, form another transit country. Their admission is to be reviewed whether they carry some risk when coming to US or they are members of a particular group.

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